New Jersey Accessibility Contractors

About Us

GUARDIAN, a family owned business, was built by Jake Bernath based on his personal life experiences.

When Grandpa Bernath, who was always known as “Mr. Independent”, tripped and had a serious fall, Jake (who lives out of state) watched as his parents scrambled to modify his grandparent’s home as they adapted to grandpa’s ever changing needs. From grab-bars and threshold removals, to ramps and a barrier free shower, they needed to make quick decisions, and had no one to guide them or to inform them of what to expect next. In one case they actually ordered something which they in hindsight realized that they had no use for.

This made Jake realize the need for a Home Modification company that offers more than just construction services. Jake created a company that focuses on the client rather on the actual structure in need of remodeling. In Jake’s own words, “Our goal is not only to offer a wide range of accessibility solutions, but to create a professional resource to guide our clients through these confusing times.”

In line with that goal, Guardian has affiliated themselves with First Rehab Therapy Group of NJ, a Physical Therapy provider in NY and NJ, for direct medical guidance and collaboration.

Another service Guardian offers, well before there is an urgent and pressing need, is our signature Fall Prevention Program. We offer a complete home evaluation to determine what modifications we can implement to help minimize the risk of a fall.

Mission Statement

To offer a full range of innovative and practical Home Modifications & Comprehensive safety solutions to seniors and the physically challenged, enabling them to stay at home.


By providing superb, unparalleled service to our clients we can achieve our objective of being recognized as the best provider of home modification services. With constant research we are able to stay at the forefront of the industries’ needs, offering our clients the best options available. While we service one client at a time, we plan on tripling that number by 2016 while maintaining the signature service we are known for.

Our Credentials

Guardian is one of the few home remodelers in New Jersey who have the CAPS certification issued by the National Association of Home Builders, which is a certification in accessible design and modifications.

Another certification that Guardian has is the CEAC (Certified Environmental Access Consultant) which is issued by AHIA. The certification process is very thorough, ensuring that all participants are truly qualified to evaluate and adapt to all the Environmental Access needs at home or at the work place. It also ensures that all accessibility issues for the ageing-in-place and physically challenged communities are addressed properly.

We are affiliated with First Rehab Therapy Group of New Jersey, a therapy provider in New York and New Jersey. With all the complex mobility issues that may arise, the invaluable input that a Physical Therapist can offer is extremely important.

Our Contractors also value Continued Education and learning, and regularly attend industry educational seminars and trade shows including Summit’s Accessible Home Modifications seminar, Med Trade Conference, and the International Home Builders show, to name a few.

Guardian Home Modifiers are fully licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey, and all our work is fully warrantied.