New Jersey Accessibility Contractors


Q. Can we just order a modular ramp at one of the online retailers and build it ourselves, they seem to be cheaper?
A. A lot goes in to designing a modular ramp system and if it’s not done on site by a trained professional you’re bound to miss order your ramp. Additionally there’s almost always a need to modify ramps during installation to accommodate for unforeseen circumstance, and missing components. (See our Blog titled “Cheap is Expensive” for a more detailed answer)

Q. Is there a correct height for a grab bar?
A. Yes and no. According to the ADA guidelines all grab bars shall be placed between 32’’-36’’ high. Although all public and commercial buildings must comply with these guidelines, private residential homes are not covered by the ADA. However it is still recommended to use their recommendations unless you’re designing for some one of disproportionate size.

Q. My wheelchair bound father loves to sit on the porch do you have any solution how we can roll him out the patio door?
A. We recommend the Modular Entry Ramp. They come in six one inch increments and can be configured for any threshold from ½’’-6½’’ rise. We can place one at either side of the door and create a bridge of sort over the door track.