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Patient Lifts

Among all the myriad of tasks and chores that a care giver faces, patient transfers can prove to be one of the most challenging. Besides for being extremely strenuous task, patient handling possess a serious health risk exposing both the caregiver and patient to bodily injury. That’s why patient lifts and slings are becoming very popular among many nursing and medical facilities. They can effectively remove the stress and danger associated with patient maneuvering.

Guardian offers many different types of lifting options that can assist in all phases of patient handling. Fixed celling or portable and power traverse lifts are some of the many lifting options that our factory trained lift specialist can offer, ensuring that you find that “Tailor made solution”.  Below are some ideas of lifts that we sell and install.

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

Prism Medical’s Waverly Glen series is an extremely versatile lift with many different models available. Their C series range from 300 LB capacity to as much as 1000 LB for their bariatric lift. They also have many different sling designs to assist in many different types of transfers. The lifts travers along a celling mounted track system which can be run through many rooms and doorways. Although the lifts are manually traversed they come with a Power tra  verse option.

Prism Medical lifts are one of the most trusted names in the lift industry manufacturing all their products right here in the USA. Click here to see their complete line of ceiling and Hoyer style patent lifts.

Portable Ceiling Lifts 

We also offer the P series from Prism which is their portable celling lifts. They are the most affordable lift in its class and are one of lightness motors in the industry.  These lift are a perfect solution if the patient needs to travel from one home to another and eliminates the need for multiple lifts.  They can also be easily moved from room to room eliminating the need to modify the home to accommodate the long track system associated with it’s fixed brothers. They too have many different models available. Call or a free home evaluation and price quote.

Free Standing Lift Systems:

Weighing just 45 lbs. with no component weighing more than 17 lbs., these free standing lifts from Prism are extremely strong and sturdy yet easily disassembled and moved. Their lightweight frame allows for easy assembly and only requiring one person to assemble them. The track system comes with a height adjusting feature allowing it to reach up to 7.5 feet.

Floor Lift Systems:

We offer many different floor lifts. From manual to power lifts with up to 700 pound capacity.  We also sell sit to stand lifts , as well as full body lifts

Independent Lifter:

Independent lifters are for people who independently manage their own care. These lifts offer the patients their independents back as they can lift themselves   and transfer all by themselves to their power scoter or wheelchair.

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