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Probably the greatest challenge for people with limited mobility is getting through that front door. Whether it’s up a 5 step front porch or even just a one-step threshold, it might as well be Mount Everest for the folks who are wheelchair bound. From the many different accessibility solutions, ramps are often recommended,as they are usually the most economical and durable option. There are many different types of ramps to suite the diverse tastes and needs of people who will use them.

The following are some of the more popular ramps that are used.

Modular Ramps:

Modular ramps are the most popular solution for many reasons. In most cases they can be assembled in less than a day Since they don’t need cement footings they could be built in any season, even in the middle of those harsh winter months. Although they are available in wood, aluminum and steel, the most popular type are aluminum. They are the most durable, and last for many years while exposed to the elements. Another great benefit is that when the ramps are no longer needed they can easily be disassembled and removed. In fact in many cases we could buy them back from the customer.


Portable and Threshold Ramps:

These ramps are usually used either for temporary solutions, or for access to mobile devices such as cars & vans, or stages and platforms. The Threshold ramps are great for that “one step up” or raised thresholds that may be difficult to climb over for someone with mobility issues, or the wheelchair bound.

threshold ramp#2

Wood Ramps:

These ramps offer a durable, more eye appealing solution for home accessibility. Although the cost of material is significantly less, the labor cost adds up, making them comparable in price to their aluminum brothers. The main reason people choose the wood ramps is for the looks, they have a softer look and blend in to the landscape better, without giving that institutional look. Wooden ramps have come a long way with the introduction of the composites, Azak and custom paint colors. They are now more durable and satisfy every possible taste.


Walk way/ masonry Ramps:

Of all ramping solutions masonry walkways blend into your landscaping the best, but are not always an option. If the slope to the house is too high, then these may not be a solution. Site Preparation and all the manual labor involved may also make this option quite costly.