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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Safety in the kitchen and bathroom is one of the greatest challenges for the mobility challenged. This is mainly due to the combination of hard surfaces and running water coupled with the fact that people who are dependent on a mobility device may find it difficult to maneuver around the smaller room with a wheelchair or walker and are forced rely on their own balance.

This is why Guardian places such a large emphasis on Bath and kitchen remodeling. Let one of our trained accessibility experts visit your home and evaluate what could be done to make you or your loved ones safe and independent in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s just hanging a simple grab bar or a full bathroom remodel Guardian will provide the right solution that will fit your budget.

We also offer handy-man services to modify existing cabinets and furniture to ensure their accessibility to all users.


Gone are the days where ADA meant sterile and institutional. Safety products have come a long way both in practicality as well as aesthetically. Now you can have a beautiful, up-to-date bathroom remodel and not have to compromise on safety or functionality. Check out our different categories of bathroom modifications and services that are available and see what works for you. Or call us for more information.

Grab bars & Accessories:

Straight bars: One of the biggest innovations in ADA design is the simple grab bar. Although many folks still go with the straight stainless steel grab bar, there are literally hundreds of colors and designer finishes available to choose from. At Guardian we sell and install all the major manufacturers’ bars such as in Giulio Ponte, Moen, Great GrabZ and Grabsesories to name a few. Call to order your bar today 732-200-1282.

We carry straight bars starting as low as $17.99

Installation: We recommend that you have your bars installed by an experienced, professional installer and not your local handy man that may not have experience in hanging bars on the many type of surfaces you will find in a bathroom. Bars must be securely fastened to ensure that they don’t come loose with time and must have weight-pull capacity of at least 250 Lb. Guardian’s grab bar installers are experienced in installing bars into ceramic, porcelain, glass and even plastic tub surrounds. Let our professionals do it right the first time, ensure your safety and save yourself the aggravation of having to have your tiled walls repaired.

Specialty bars: There are many different specialty bars which have specific, unique functions which can give you back your freedom. These products enable the user to maneuver around the bathroom freely.

Here are some of the more popular products available through Guardian:

  • Flip Up Safety Bars: These bars are extremely sturdy but can also be moved out of the way to allow a pivot transfer. They can be stored out of the way of someone who doesn’t need it. Installation requires wood blocking in a typical stud wall, and an experienced carpenter is recommended.

  • StanderTM Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar: One of its many advantages is that this bar isn’t required to be bolted down and can be mounted with a special tension mounted system. This bar helps customers rise from any seated position by simply climbing the curved part with their hands. This bar can rotate 3600 and locks at every 450 ensuring a quick and safe transfer. Stander offers many other safety and mobile devices at

  • GrabcessoriesTM:2-in-1 safety products: The 2- in-1 series were designed to replace bathroom accessories that aren’t meant to be used as a grab bars, and are a major cause for injuries in the bathroom. These bars exceed the ADA guidelines for grab bars and blend beautifully with any bath décor. They come in three popular finishes and have many different applications. See the whole collection on the grabcessories website

  • Custom design: Guardian can design any custom bar configuration to fit your shower area. Allow 2-3 weeks for stainless-steel, and 3-4 weeks on painted/plated orders, upon receipt of a signoff design form.

Shower Seats:

Seated showers are extremely important to ensure a safe showering experience, and choosing the right seat is crucial. Guardian sells and installs many different types of chairs for your shower/tub.

  • Collapsible seats: Our collapsible chairs are great for those tight spaces, or if not all users want a seated shower. These seats save you space and are available in different styles. They are manufactured in many materials such as in Teak wood, marine-grade Polymer, Padded, and Phenolic; a new dense, moisture resistant material using compressed layers of cellulose material.

  • Shower Pan with Integral shower bench

    : This beautiful one-piece shower base with bench offers a fresh look with minimal maintenance. It comes complete with a sleek designed bench and low threshold for easy access.

  • Tiled bench: Blending in to the shower the tiled benches are a great option that can be used by all and enhances the overall shower look. These custom benches can be designed to your specifications whether a corner or whole side bench call us and will be happy to discuss your options.


Hand held shower faucet: Hand-held facets can be very useful especially for seated users. We usually install a hand-held as part of a complete shower system with a slide bar and diverter, offering a total showering experience. When looking for the right hand-held you want to look for a wide handle for the low dexterity users yet it should still be light weight. A pause feature is recommended so a caregiver can assist in the bathing and can control the water flow. Let us help you with ordering the perfect shower system that will suit your needs.

Collapsible shower barrier: These flexible strips are an excellent way to control water runoff out of your barrier free showers. Depending on the manufacturer they come in ether a T-shape or tubular shape and can be applied to the outer rim of the showering area. These silicon or foam thresholds are designed to collapse when stepped on or rolled over with a wheelchair and then immediately  bounce back to its original shape to contain the water in the shower area.

Barrier Free showers:

Guardian offers many options in making your showers accessible allowing seated users to retain their dignity and independence as they enjoy their showering experience. The biggest obstacle to overcome is entering the showering space in a safe and comfortable manner. To that end Guardian offers many solutions.

European Wet room: Is an open floor design which allows the freedom to move around without any impediments. This concept is compatible with many different tile designs, creating some of the most beautiful showers. With a specially engineered sub sower pan and a collapsible shower dam, or leaner drain the water is contained to the designated showering area

Mud Job:  Another great option is designed to be built as you would any other shower. Using the tiles of your choice, the floor is then specially pitched by an experienced tiler to ensure that all water is directed to the shower drain. There are many variables that go into designing a properly sloped floor, that’s why Guardian uses only seasoned tilers to design and lay all their showers. Additionally frameless shower doors or weighted shower curtains help minimize any water runoff.

Fiberglass shower surrounds: These modular systems are specially designed for users with limited motion and offer many new innovations and safety features.  Some of the advantages for these showering systems are:

  • Solid wood backing allows for custom grab bar placement throughout the showering area

  • Special gel coating (marine grade) ensures an easy to clean surface which is resistant to mold and mildew, and without grout lines to worry about.

  • Beveled entrances which are truly wheelchair accessible, and yet contain the water

  • Customizable layouts and designs with many tile colors to choose from

  • Non-slip shower pan throughout the showering area (not just a few strips)

  • Manufacturer’s warranty on all workmanship

Tub Cut Outs:

Tub cut outs: Are a cheaper alternative than remodeling your whole tub area. Basically we cut a doorway into your existing tub and then seal the opening with a water tight seal creating a small step up into the showering area. We then cover the floor with a durable non-skid surface, creating a complete showering experience. This whole job can be done in less than a day, but is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Call guardian to schedule your tub cut out appointment today.

Tub Door Option: offers all the benefits of a tub cut out, while allowing you the added feature of sill using your bath. This great product is granted not to leak. And come with a manufactures warranty. Costing only a fraction of the walk-in tubs this feature is a no brainer when you’re considering modifying your bath tub. Call us to schedule a free home demonstration.

Walk in Tubs:

Guardian offers a variety of luxurious walk in tubs, all constructed out of premium grade materials and from the finest craftsmanship available. All of our tubs are made in the USA and come with manufactures’ lifetime warranties on the door seals, which not only provides you with comfort and relaxation, but the peace of mind that your quality bath will give you years of problem fee bathing. More importantly though is our quality installation, guardian uses licensed plumbers who have extensive knowledge on how to ensure a proper installation of your tub eliminating annoying call backs that can occur with non-experienced contractors.

Guardian offers many different manufacturers and can help you decide which tub offers the best features that will satisfy your needs. Call us at 732-200-1282 to set up you free home consultation.

Some of the Manufactures we sell are:

  • Best Bath Escape/ Liberty tubs

  • BOCA tubs

  • RANE Tubs

Shower buddy:

Showerbuddy is another great toilet and tub transfer system available, that can easily transform that nightmare called bath time into an enjoyable experience. The showerbuddy transfer chair system allows for easy access bathing without the need for any remodeling. It’s simple to install customizable rolling modular system make transfers a breeze, and allows the client to be rolled  over the toilet and in to the shower in the most dignified manner.


Kitchen & Doorways:

Everyone enjoys the kitchen it’s a place where good things happen.  There are however many folks who find it difficult to access and maneuver around all the tight and hard to reach spaces. Guardian can custom design a beautiful, and yet extremely functional kitchen using the universal design approach, offering custom tailed solutions for individuals with limited motion. Whether you’re looking for a full remodel or just a custom modification to allow you access Guardian has the answer.


Guardian’s kitchen designers can help create a stylish design without compromising on safety. They will help you find intelligent solutions while stile maintaining the design and style of a luxurious kitchen. We can help you adapt your kitchen to your individual needs, making it accessible and functional.

Some of the adaptive solutions guardian offers are:

  • Modified rolling carts

  • Multi-height counters

  • Lower appliances (or raised dishwasher)

  • Pulldown shelving

  • Extra lighting

  • Roll out shelving

  • Roll under sinks

We can also modify some of you existing fixtures making them accessible without the need for a costly remodel, as in moving vanities or under the counter cabinets allowing for wheelchair access.


When it comes to door modifications, ‘’is the door wide enough’’ isn’t the only thing you have to consider. Many doorways have slight thresholds which can pose as an obstacle for a seated user. Additionally automatic door openers are an ideal option for individuals with low arm dexterity, or balance issues. Call us for your free home evaluation and guardian will be happy to help you navigate your home accessibility issues.

Some of our entranceway solutions include:

  • Specialty door hinges

  • Automatic door openers and locks

  • Slopped welcome mats

  • Modular threshold ramps

  • Levered door handles

  • Extra railings and safety gates

  • Motion sensor night lights

Bariatric Retrofit:

Bariatric modifications: With the adult obesity rate higher than 30% in the USA, Home Modifications for Bariatric care has never been more pressing. At Guardian we have the experience and product knowledge as to what works and what needs to be done to ensure that our clients can remain comfortably at home. Whether it’s some door widening or a complex ceiling tract system our knowledgeable staff can design a plan with your long term care management in mind. Call for your free home assessment 732-200-1282.



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