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Many homes don’t have an option for a first floor bedroom and stair management is the only option for people who face mobility issues. Guardian offers many options and solutions for accessing those upper floors. We evaluate which solution would work best for our client using our experience and background in all the different lift options available from your standard stair lift and Platform lifts to the not so conventional Stair climbers. Our knowledgeable staff will help you decide which option works best for you. Check out our website for some of the lifting options available.

Stair lifts

Guardian offers only the best stair lifts available on the market, and our factory trained technicians will install and maintain your lifts properly ensuring you many years of comfortable use. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent we are your local stair lift specialist who can offer you the right system that works for you.

Straight stair lifts

Guardian is authorized dealer for the Harmar lift co. American’s lift leader manufacturers of some of the best lifts in the market offering you practical and affordable solutions for all your mobility issues. Straight stair lifts are a great option for any straight run of stairs (standard 16’ track).

Vantage Value Straight– Designed for the cost- conscious consumer, the vantage stair lift is a sturdy low maintenance lift. It’s well protected rack and pinion drive system with drive speed regulator; ensure users will experience a smooth comfortable drive. Its stylish upholstered seat and powder coated chassis, is sure to complement any décor.


-speed regulator
-covered gear rack
-Compact, folds to 13.6’’
-Two wireless remotes included
-Footrest obstruction sensors-weight capacity 300lbs

Pinnacle Premium Straight– the Pinnacle is a deluxe stair lift with a great competitive price point. Engineered to exceed the industry highest standards and boasts the narrowest space saving fold at just under 11’’. Its patented helical worm gear drive generates the smoothest and most energy efficient drive available and requires practically no grease or maintenance.


-11’’ wide folded
-travel up to a 52 Deg incline
-Bidirectional footrest sensor
-Weight capacity 350lbs
-automatic charging strips at top and bottom of track
-Extremely energy efficient (runs up to 40 trips on a single charge in case of black out)
– 3 year warranty on parts, 10 year warranty on gear rack, 1 year battery warranty

Additional options:

– Automatic folding rail: this industry exclusive feature was designed to prevent the track from obstructing the pathway at the bottom or top of the stairway.
– Custom upholstery options
– Accessories basket

Pinnacle SL660HD – Heavy duty straight stair lift holds the record for the heist weight capacity at 600lbs. It’s high-backed contoured 25’’ wide seat with reinforced arm and footrests ensure a sturdy and comfortable ride. Designed with the bariatric consumer in mind, it swivels up to 85 Deg at upper and lower landings. In addition the seat pivots as it slides out allowing for a closer installation to the wall.


-600lbs capacity
-Intergraded constant pressure controls
-Centrifugal Over- Speed Brake
-Folds 17’’ from wall
-up to 40’ of travel
– 3 year warranty on parts, 10 year warranty on gear rack, 1 year battery warranty

Outdoor Sl350od lift

– Designed to withstand elements, with a durable aluminum track and marine grade vinyl seating. All with a protective powder coated finish. Built to run in both cold and hot temperatures.


– Custom colors optional
– Safety sensors
– Zink plated components
– large weatherproof cover included
– Slack cable break w/switch

Curved Stair Lift

Curved stair lifts are required whenever you don’t have a straight run of steps. This includes even when you have a straight staircase that leads through a landing. The reason being since the track would have to curve to compensate for the shift in angles from the stairs to landing a custom track configuration is required. Since these tracks are all custom or semi-custom made the price point is much higher on the curved systems than the traditional straight lift.


-custom built to match all your contours of the stair case
-Seat folds to16’’’ when not in use
-Grate lead time
-Tighter curves mean more room on the steps.
-Available in outdoor ready

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Curved stair lift

Platform lifts

Platform lifts known as VPL’s, these lifts are designed for wheelchair bound users who find it to difficult to transfer to a seat. This lifts are designed for both in and out door use, these lifts usually require an elevator permit and need to be inspected by the state lift inspectors. Guardian’s offers a grate selection of lifts and are highly trained installation specialist will ensure that your installation go as smooth as possible.

Highlander Residential Platform Lifts RPL 400-600:

RPL’s are a safe and economical solution for shorter lifting heights and are ideal for residential access up to 77’ high. Available in for both indoors and outdoors use, its compact footprint is a great alternative if there isn’t enough room for a much longer ramp system. The top mounted motor and electrical box simplifies servicing and protects from standing water


-Ideal for low access (two design options RPL400: max 53’’H, RPL600: max 77’’H)
-Nonskid surface
-auto folding ramp
-Reliable belt driven ACME screw drive
-Weather resistant design

Highlander Residential Platform Lifts RPL 400-600

Highlander commercial platform lift CPL400-1400:

CPL’s are designed for longer lift runs (from 53’’-171’’) and usually require more extensive site prep. However even with the increased height, Harmar’s code compliant CPL’s offer a smooth and virtually maintenance free ride. These lifts come with a broad range of options and accessories to ensure the best and safest fit for your needs. Some of the features available are the Enclosed Platforms which come in ether steel or acrylic panels. The Express deck and the Coastal outdoor finish offering protection for outdoor installation near the coastline.


-Four stop capable
-low friction ball screw drive
-top mounted motor & Electrical
-42’’ guard panel
-36’’x60’’ floor design

Highlander commercial platform lift CPL400-1400

Inclined Platform lifts

IL500 Sierra inclined platform was designed to transport a wheelchair user up and down a stair case without getting off the chair. The lift comes with an optional fold down seat which enables the lift to be used as a stair lift when mobility device is not needed.

Inclined Platform lifts

Pool lifts

Pool lifts P350 and p400, the unique outdoor furniture design and safety features combine to offer a truly refreshing pool experience.


Guardian partnered up with Accredited Home Elevator Co. A family owned Elevator Company who designs and custom builds beautifully crafted home elevators for over thirty years. Call us today to set up your free no pressure quote today.

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